Surge 360 Demo And Interview

In this interview with Nick from EYE Fitness, I discover the unique features of the Surge 360. Thanks to master trainer Vanessa, you will also see a full demo throughout the video too!

The Surge 360 is a unique offering in the world of commercial fitness equipment. I can see it sitting on the gym floor, in a PT studio, in the group fitness studio and even in a functional training zone. In fact, it has wheels and is easy to move around, so if your gym has all of the above mentioned areas, you can move it from place to place. Your only issue will be how nice people share!

The Surge 360 is a hydraulic piston based system within a small foot print. I particularly like the wide range of movement it offers (see 2:48 into the video). The hydraulic pistons provide constant resistance, simply, the faster you move, the harder it resists. Nick & David of EYE Fitness spotted the Surge 360 in their travels and immediately knew it would be a great product to add to their portfolio.

I think that the Surge 360 will become one of those products that will lead the way in re-inventing small group training. Whilst gym members can reap great benefits from consistent effort and conventional body weight circuits, gym’s should consider crafting unique gym member’s experience’s. One way to do that is through tailored programming. Beyond that, identifying and incorporating existing fitness equipment and hand selected new pieces like the Surge 360 may provide new inspiration and perspiration!